Thursday, May 6, 2010

Steeplechase fashion

Note: This post was composed last week, before the flood. Today, Nashville is underwater. This isn't at all the time to invest a lot of energy in thinking about what to wear to some horsey event. Really. If you do attend Steeplechase this year, the best fashion choices might be the work boots you wore while volunteering earlier in the day, and a hat to cover your water-conservation hair.

There's something to be said for the spunk needed to dress as you like, no matter the occasion. Unfortunately, in Nashville that tends to mean relaxed-fit jeans at the Opera rather than cocktail hats at The Melrose–the extreme casual usually beats the creatively overdressed in this town. Thank goodness for Steeplechase: one of the very few opportunities where the not-so-sartorially-rebellious can don a dress hat and not look mentally ill.

Below are a few ideas for this day of poplin and chic chapeaus.

Good, Good, Good, Like Brigitte Bardot

Navy Medium-Brim Hat
Anthropologie Hello, Good Day Dress

Kon Tiki, Chic-ly


Charlene straw hat by Hats in the Belfry
Lilly Pulitzer Originals shift dress in 60s classic Ten Ton Bouquet print

Minimal Mini

Handmade medium-brim hat on Etsy
White Pique dress by Aqua

Step Forward, Stepford

Eugina Kim sun hat from Net a Porter
The Colleen Dress at Mod Cloth

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