Thursday, September 23, 2010

Clueless: Piperlime shows me what I'm not looking for, Moxsie something I didn't know to look for

Piperlime, from the mass-market behemoth behind the Gap and Banana Republic, likes to send me promotional emails. Always heavy on Rachel Zoe and style-less shoes worn by dental hygienists who just don't care anymore, they remind me how much I prefer Amazon's targeted promotions.

Today, I thought they might have sent an email promoting something that actually appealed to me. I had to look past the prominently-featured cargo leggings, but there it was: faux-fur boots. I can't say that I'd seriously been in the market for fur boots of any kind. But I do have a fondness for faux fur, especially as opposed to real fur. Unfortunately, not all of these boots were what was advertised.

Under the Faux Fur heading were several pairs of sheepskin boots. For those unaware, sheepskin is made from the skin of a sheep. The real skin of a non-faux sheep. Sad. So sad that I had to buy a pair of boots from another online store. Yup, I had to buy them.

On the other end of the online shopping spectrum is Moxie, the place to buy fashion from independent designers. While browsing their site, I stumbled upon their clever and carefully curated themed collections. This one is inspired by the movie Clueless. Brilliant. I never would have looked for that, but there it was and it made me smile.