Thursday, May 15, 2008

That's dandy!

If you happen to be in France you must take in the "Dandyisms 1808-2008,
from Barbey d’Aurevilly to Christian Dior" exhibit at the Christian Dior museum in Granville.

If, instead, you find yourself elsewhere—surrounded by chaps stumbling around in cargo shorts, no doubt—read the Independent's report:Suit you, sir: The art of male attire.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Sassy, the Magazine With Sass!

"Feeling Alienated? Make it Work for You!" What a refreshing message to see on the cover of a teen magazine. When Teen and YM were pumping out the same "How to Make Boys Notice You" pre-feminist drivel that girls had been subjected to for years, Sassy had the editorial vision and grrl power to be real, to be smarter than high school.

This is what I love(d) about Sassy, the best thing to happen to the teen magazine, maybe to any magazine, ever. I often wish I could find the magical newsstand, where lost magazines live. "Hey look, there it is, next to Spy." Maybe I'd even discover that Sassy had grown up, just like me. That would be so like her.

Now, I'm not saying there are no current attempts to put out a "women's" magazine for smart people—we have Bust, Bitch, and *sigh* Jane, of course—but none of them come close to Sassy. The distinction between Sassy and some of the above-mentioned pubs is the difference between a "Feminist" magazine and one that is pro-girl. That, and I wonder if any magazine today has the editorial integrity, or the deep-pocket luxury, to put advertisers in their place. Sometimes I miss it so much I think I'm going to be sick.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Your patriotic duty

Dear GW,

Thank you so much for the economic stimulus check, I used it to buy a really fab bathing suit.

I really appreciate everything you do to make America great. You rock!

Talk soon.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Garden Fete for Fairies

Ahh, Spring is here at last!

Everything is green: the trees, the grass, early flowers, the thick layer of sneeze-inducing pollen covering the exterior of my car. Spring is a season of mixed blessings. Thankfully spring fashion this season is bit kinder to the senses, with a creative mix of influences that please both the aesthete and the most analytical. Let us count our blessings.

In the Spring the Pony appreciates ensembles of the sartorial cream puff variety: sweet, fleeting and non substantive by design. (Calories be damned!) So it is especially delightful to see the 2008 collections deliver the fluffy goodness. Prada, among them, brought a sprightly Biba-in-the-garden mash-up that equally evokes Studio54, a congregation of woodland nymphs, and the work of tattoo and graffiti artists. Wearable? Perhaps. Fun? Completely.

Eley Kishimoto's Spring '08 Ready to Wear collection presented graphic, fairytale separates of another sort. The pieces look colorful and young without being over-the-top or cartoon. Even the striped socks looked surprisingly dignified, like Raggedy Ann at a Junior League luncheon.

It's always fun to see what this design duo have up their sleeves, and this collection is full of the charming prints and exciting colors for which they are known. If British fashion is the neglected stepdaughter of the international scene, then this husband and wife team have graciously adopted her, sent her to a good school, dressed her in lovely frocks, and bought her a pony. We should all be so lucky.

Luck, or maybe magic, seemed to flow from the folds of Gaultier's sylvan capes and pirate skirts. Feathers, whimsical hats, and even a pipe, made for a well-outfitted band of ravishing rogues.

Olivier Theyskens had a much less campy take on the fantastic with a nearly perfect collection for Nina Ricci. The photo at right is only a hint of the loveliness in from the runway. Beautiful. Elegant. An effortless look, for a naturally stylish woman.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bowie at Target, Keanan Duffty misses the mark?

From the Mojo Blog: The Man Who Sold the World Some Clothes

I've tried to imagine David Bowie shopping at my local Target store, but the visual is as incongruous as Keith Richards folding laundry.

Memo to Keanan Duffty: there is nothing rock-n-roll about a screen-printed polo shirt.