Monday, June 25, 2007

This is not a shoe blog

From the Balenciaga runway

It's Fall, 2007 and everyone is wearing frightening bondage shoes: grandmothers, preteens, the Good Humor man.

Well, not really — these are the shoes of designers' fantasy. When they do trickle down to the mainstream, as they sadly and inevitably must, they will do so as laid-back leather slides and mules with a few studs, or a carefully placed D-ring. These will be a very tame, but infinitely more frightening shoe. Young mothers will wear them while shuttling the kids to school, you'll see them in the line at the coffeehouse, their Polo shirts and poplin pants oddly juxtaposed with spiked and grommeted summer sandals.

Imagine an Ann Taylor blouse with spandex, "fashion" denim and vaguely S&M slides at your local Starbucks. This is what we have to look forward to.

Truly dedicated followers of fashion won't wait for the watered-down reprisal. As the weather gets colder, they will be swapping their comfortable ballet flats for platform art shoes bedecked in straps and spikes. This is a great time for independent fashionistas to go for the truly subversive: sensible shoes.

Yes folks, I'm talking patent leather t-straps, loafers, Wallabees, 'Scholls sandals. Wear them, or else.