Sunday, June 7, 2009

For Esther, with Love and Spandex

Oh, the things I've learned from MGM musicals! As a very small girl I knew what life was supposed to be: glamorous, exciting, colorful, filled with music and choreography.

I was madly in love with Esther Williams, and when my Mum signed me up for swimming lessons I simply could not wait. At seven, I was not an excellent swimmer. My dog paddle was strong, but I understood the need to work on some of basic, prerequisite strokes at the beginning of the program. By lesson three, though, I was frustrated. After a bit of aquatic sulking, I finally asked my instructor: "when will we get to the synchronized swimming and the part where I'm underwater standing on the giant shell?"

This was not the last time I felt disappointed by the decided lack of glamor in the world around me, and pretty much sums up the way I feel while shopping for swimsuits. Have you ever been in a Hollister store or looked through a Lands End catalog? There is something terribly, terribly wrong with this world.

As a remedy, here is a small collection of stylish swim attire —all allow the wearer to be alluring while maintaining her mystique, no Brazilian bikinis in the bunch.

This high-waisted petal pink two-piece suit looks like the perfect modest two-piece. If only it came in black!
The Betty Swimsuit
Mod Cloth

Halter Swimdress, aka 'The Marilyn Swimdress'
Esther Williams

Dottie Swimsuit
Stop Staring Clothing

A lovely pastel colored and petal covered swim cap, you've always wanted one. Today is the day.
Petal Swim Cap
Headcovers Unlimited

This is a cute, classic black one-piece from Urban Outfitters. I wanted to see this on a girl with a slightly curvier figure, or at least a girl who did not have the hips of an adolescent boy, hence the sloppily edited version on the right.
BDG Retro One Piece
Urban Outfitters
$59.99(on sale, typically $88.00)

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